About Sugared Kiss Magazine

Sugared Kiss is a bimonthly photography publication featuring glamorous photography of beautiful and sexy women. Modern pinup, latex, lingerie and nude women dominate the overall theme. The magazine seeks out submissions from the most talented photographers, models, designers and artists from all over the world.

Sugared Kiss Magazine was born in early 2018 and launched the following July by photographer Ashley Fontenot. Ashley brings almost 2 decades of sexy photo and design experience to the project which allows her to single-handedly construct each beautiful issue.

The concept of Sugared Kiss came about after Ashley realized how many high gloss magazines she loved had gone out of print and wanted to create a publication that would be female led as well as give artists a venue to showcase their talent. Each issue is available in digital and print thru MAGCLOUD.com

If you’d like to see over 10K photos from Ashley Fontenot’s archive, be sure to join her ONLYFANS account here: https://onlyfans.com/ashleyfphoto

Ashley Fontenot, Sugared Kiss Magazine